2017 June Symposium – Lab Grown Human Organs

Organized by students in the Developmental Biology Program, the symposium FOCUSED on recent advances in organoid tissue culture systems to model human disease.

Registration IS CLOSED



  • 09:00AM – 09:30AM Breakfast
  • 09:30AM – 10:30AM First Speaker Session/Thematic Short Talk
  • 10:30AM – 11:00AM Coffee/Snack Break
  • 11:00AM – 12:00PM Second Speaker Session/Thematic Short Talk
  • 12:00PM – 02:00PM Lunch/Poster Session
  • 02:00PM – 03:00PM Third Speaker Session/Thematic Short Talk
  • 03:00PM – 03:30PM Coffee/Snack Break
  • 03:30PM – 04:30PM Knoblich Keynote
  • 05:00PM – 08:00PM Speaker dinner off campus group!

Speaker List:

  • Jurgen Knoblich (IMP, Vienna): Modeling human brain development and disease in stem cell derived 3D organoid culture

  • Calvin Kuo (Stanford): Using organoids to model cancer

  • Brigitte Gomperts (UCLA): Taking a first breath – lung organoids for disease modeling and drug discovery

  • Kevin Cheung (Fred Hutch): Breast tumor organoids: principles and applications for cancer discovery

June 25th (6PM), Public Talk – Jurgen Knoblich

June 26th (9AM-5PM), Symposium – four speakers & Poster session